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Discover the Heart and Soul Behind Meriam Academy LLC's Vision for Holistic Childcare.

“Nurturing tomorrow’s leaders with foundational excellence”

Who We Are

Meriam Academy LLC offers quality educational experiences for all children enrolled in our childcare daycare in Washington, District of Columbia. As we prepare your children for the challenges of the next educational setting, your children will find a loving, caring environment that will stimulate their curiosity and set them on a path to be fully equipped for each step they take on the educational ladder.

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Our Mission Statement

Meriam Academy LLC provides support in reaching our children’s highest academic potential through social-emotional, language, and physical development. Meriam Academy LLC provides and maintains developmentally appropriate practices and stimulates a learning environment that promotes academic skills that enable individuals to develop productive citizens.

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Our Vision Statement

We envision a world where every child, regardless of background or circumstance, is afforded the foundation to thrive intellectually, emotionally, and physically. We strive to be the leading beacon in childcare, setting unparalleled standards of excellence and innovation. Our commitment is to foster an environment that not only nurtures young minds but also empowers them to become compassionate, curious, and confident leaders of the future.

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